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Jun. 26th, 2009

This weekend...

This weekend is probably going to be very interesting. It's my 24th birthday on Sunday.

I'll let all you in cyber-land know how it went later.


Jun. 5th, 2009

Hah. Damn I'm busy!

So, today is the...fourth, I think, week of Friday Nite Writing Challenge on Twitter. #FNWC for any of you Twitter addicts. ^_^

I've been really busy as of late, between work, writing and my art; I've been hopping like a rabbit on crack.

Between #FNWC, #writingmuses and #pseudowrimo, the four blogs I am now keeping, working as an English tutor, volunteering for Project Gutenberg as a proofreader, working on comission pieces, job hunting, and trying to finish a blanket or two, I've been doing some pretty hefty hours. ^_^ Heh.

Anyway, I'm off to write and have CSI on in the background.

Tootles y'all.

May. 31st, 2009

Belladonna, Bella, hat, Me

I am a creature of habit. I realize this. I am aware that it is my habit to spend far too much tim

I am a creature of habit.  I realize this.



Thus it continues...Collapse )


May. 4th, 2009

(no subject)

SO! This week has rocked socks y'all!

Finals: handled and rocked out.

Job: got one small part time through the school that is uber excellent and looking for another.

Grades: PASSED MATH WITH A B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which was the only class I was truly worried about. ^__^


Other classes:

Intro to Poli Sci: unknown 'cause my teacher has not finished grading stuff yet. (Dammit Trojak grade faster please!!)

Theatre: A. Big shocker. ^_^

English: A Again, big shocker Lol

And that's it!

Final GPA won't be known until Trojak posts my Poli Sci grade, but at the moment it's at about 3.4 counting last semester's stuff.

Apr. 14th, 2009

Belladonna, Bella, hat, Me

I'm a published writer!!!!

So, for those of you who know what the hell I am on about: Amazon uber failed this weekend with their stripping of many (grand total more than 57,000 books) sales ranks of various books.

My letter to the editor of the tbt* was published thusly in today's edition (04-14-09):

Amazon decides to turn into a literature Nazi

Being a merchant of the written
word and a conduit for knowledge
and news in the local area, it will no
doubt distress you that Amazon.com,
a previously wonderful source of multiple
media wares, has taken it upon
itself to strip many gay, lesbian and
erotic books from its digital shelves in
a travesty of quiet censorship. Much
like an over-reactive parent ripping
books from the shelves of a local
bookstore, Amazon has started making
many books difficult to find.
While I understand that this is
their right as a business, I think it is
a foolhardy— no — downright stupid
thing to do.

Several friends/acquaintances of
mine are all a-Twitter about this matter.
In fact, the ever-fabulous Twitter
site is how this matter came to my attention.
While perusing today’s posts,
I noticed a few distressing comments
of a writer friend of mine. And then
a few more, much like the warning
drops before a rainstorm.

Amazon released this delightful
blurb to an author friend of mine in
regards to the disappearance of his
book: “In consideration of our entire
customer base, we exclude ‘adult’ material
from appearing in some searches
and best seller lists. Since these lists
are generated using sales ranks, adult
materials must also be excluded from
that feature.

I am sorry, but this sort of specific
censorship, since they are only deranking
books of a gay, lesbian, bisexual
or transgender or erotic nature,
is utterly unacceptable. If you are
going to be a literature Nazi, be a wellrounded
one or the actual observant
members of the community shall sit
up and take notice.
Now, that is not to say that one cannot
find anything on Amazon.com,
but it is much harder.

Renee Boyar, Brandon

Yay for me! ^_^

Apr. 12th, 2009

Amazon Rank

The dear bastards over at Amazon have decided to take up the metaphoric bookburning in their  ignorant stupidity.  What am I on about? www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php/weblog/comments/amazon-rank/, as well as www.lilithsaintcrow.com/journal/2009/04/amazon-censors-search-rankings-to-protect-us/

Fucking closed minded idiots!  You can buy sex toys on Amazon but can't FIND a goddamned gay erotica novel? Screw you and your attempted influences on what I read.

SO! Here is me doing my part to googlebomb Amazon with the www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/amazonrank/ which I am posting to every online community I am a part of. ^_^

Kay, thanks bye!


Belladonna, Bella, hat, Me

Fall 2009 School Schedule

SO! For the fall semester of 2009, I have lost my mind.  I’m taking a grand total of 18 credit hours. Granted, 3 of those are my Performance Workshop class, which doesn’t meet all that often but is a hell of a lot of work. ^_^ I just hope I’ll be able to afford the books for all these classes.

Here’s what my schedule will look like:


8:00-9:15- Intermediate Algebra

9:30-10:45- General Psychology

11:00-12:15- Public Speaking (eek!)

1:00-2:15-English Comp II


Obviously I have no intention of trying to work on Mondays. Lol

Tuesdays will be like this:

Most of the morning on campus in the library studying/finishing homework for Wednesday; followed by Performance Workshop from 1:30 to 4:15

And from 5:30-9:10 I’ll be in Astronomy class with Ann. Whoot for an instant study-buddy!


Wednesday is a repeat of Monday:

8:00-9:15- Intermediate Algebra

9:30-10:45- General Psychology

11:00-12:15- Public Speaking (eek!)

1:00-2:15-English Comp II


And then Thursday I just have Performance workshop.


So I'll be working at least Friday/Saturday/Sunday and perhaps Thursday mornings or evenings. Gah. I need a call center job. By that logic, I could work Wednesday night as well. ^_^  So I would only need Monday and Tuesdays off for sure, then work Wednesday after 4 (giving time for a study group and lunch), Thursday morning before noon or after five (ish) and all weekend. ^_^ I can do it! ^_^

Also? Wanting to take at least one class in the intrum of Winter break. But that'll depend on money.

I wonder if Uncle Ron would be willing to help with my book costs. Oy. *sighs* Let the cheerful stressing begin!

Lots of fun.  So now you know! ^_^

Mar. 30th, 2009

The Curse of the Yoga Ball

**Warning**: Thanks to my tendency to CHOKE on random beverages because of laughter while reading blogs/comics (you know I mean you @dogeatdoug!); I thought I’d say to put the soda down as this is one of those you might laugh at and…yeah.  I’m hyper. I blame the sugar cookies with the cute little shamrocks on ‘em that are really, really yummy but probably not the best thing I could have eaten today.

So, anyway!  This one time….


Did anyone have to resist the urge to smack themselves when they had to end that phrase with “at band camp” in their heads or-even worse-aloud?

Good. It’s not just me. Do me a favor, will you?  Smack yourself since I’m not there to do it for you. Just a good palm to the forehead should do it.

And, Ian, honey, just try to do it a second time; don’t give up! ^_~


Anyway! On one particular day much like any other in early 2006, my dearest friend, who fellow Twitter-ers…um…Twitterers…uh..Twitter users… WTF do we call ourselves people?? Well, @honeydew_kiwi (known IRL as Sarah) and I were lounging around in my room.  Discussing various odds and ends-shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings, and why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings*1*, while we were not really watching the Food Network as she was laying on my bed and I was precariously balanced on my yoga ball next to the bed.

Now, our rather mischievious friend Ian (yes, the same as mentioned above) had just gotten out of the shower and had/has a tendency to want to randomly scare people.  So, Ian, in his infinite wisdom, tried to yank open the bathroom door to scare us. FAIL.  It was locked.  Briefly laughing, she and I continued our conversation about everything and nothing, ignoring the possibility of Ian being silly and trying again.  However, the tenacious lad took it upon himself to wait until we had forgotten about his first attempt and burst in again, this time with a scream worthy of a 1970’s B-grade horror movie damsel getting her internal organs repeatedly punctured by a sharp implement while simultaneously reading that month’s roaming charges on her cell phone bill after an unplanned trip abroad and text message cost totals at 25 cents a text, while getting a bikini wax with magma.


Now isn’t that a pleasant mental image? *blerk* I think I just traumatized myself a little. ^__^ Skillllls.


Anyway! Ian burst into the room and let out his shriek, and two seconds later (literally, there was a bit of a delay between his outcry and the response to it) my dearest Sarah lets out this eardrum-shattering screech of surprise which startled me more than Ian’s rather loud entrance did. 

Recoiling backwards with my own squawk of shock, my yoga ball and I rolled rather quickly, said silver ball bouncing off of the still-flabbergasted Sarah, then the small television, followed Ian’s adorable Shih Tzu Princess (she wasn’t hurt) before it wedged itself SOMEHOW between my fallen form , the bed frame, and the dresser.  Both Ian and Sarah paused a moment in shock at the demented impromptu game of pinball the yoga ball seemed to play before bursting out laughing.  What was the real killer?

I. Got. Stuck.  Bloody cursed yoga ball.

I was wedged firmly in between the dresser and the bed; both of my companions laughing far too hard to actually be of assistance.  And I had to be careful since I didn’t want to bounce the damned ball off Princess again.

Our levity continued until the three of us were all red-faced and gasping for some much needed oxygen, words completely lost in our amusement and the barking of the rather upset, but still unharmed, Princess.

Now, if this was the only time I somehow met the floor but escaped major injury due to the yoga ball, I would think it a fluke. But at that time, I was known for being quite well acquainted with gravity and not on fair terms with grace.  I tripped, stumbled, fell and otherwise ran into things at random quite often in those days, and it seemed that the most recent rash was due-in some part at least- to the presence of the yoga ball.  And so, my clumsiness and the “cursed” yoga ball became something of an inside joke between my friends and I.  One I readily share with the internet since I’m contemplating purchasing another one, non-cursed this time, if I can manage it. Heh.   I think it would be funnier just to be able to say something simple like “I fell prey to the cursed yoga ball once more” or “Yoga ball + me = ROFL!” and actually have people know what the hell I’m on about.

And thusly does my regaling of bygone days come to a close for now.

Yes, I just used “thusly”, “regaling”, and “bygone” in a sentence. Yes, I actually talk like this.  Deal with it or get a dictionary, I don’t care which.

*1* If you didn’t get the reference, it was the poem “The Walrus and The Carpenter” from Lewis Carroll’s wondrous stories about Alice. The exact text (since I am no longer cool enough to state that I have a rather old and color lithographed edition) was found on this helpful little site.Collapse )  If you STILL don’t know what the hell I’m on about, first of all, find the nearest flat and hard surface to thunk your forehead against as you are far beyond my power to help.  Next, reference the Disney classic from 1951.  Then: READ THE ACTUAL BOOK. If your attention span is too short to read the book, you probably should not be trying to read my blog as I have a tendency to run off at the mouth (a phrase stolen from a friend, but true none the less! ^_^)

Writer's Block: Prison Time

If you were sent to prison for an undefined amount of time, what would you miss most?
My books.

Mar. 22nd, 2009

My English Essay....

So, this is the essay I wrote for English class....

About Magick....

To think, my classmates/teacher have no idea I'm pagan, nevermind that I'm a witch. ^_^

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